“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Dear Parents and Students,

I strongly believe each child is different and we need to celebrate their uniqueness. Our education system works on imparting knowledge in bulk, but we at DIPS Uggi, try to customise it to suit the ability of the child.

Success for all students is ensured at our school by the delivery of an enriching, child centred, balanced and structured curriculum. We focus on student welfare that celebrates positive recognition of student’s achievements.

I would like the parents to know that my door is always open to discuss any concerns, questions, or ideas you may have regarding your child’s education. I welcome you all to an outstanding learning community where everyone is dedicated to a high standard of excellence.

We at ‘DIPS’ are making an earnest endeavour to enable each young mind to crystallize his vision to develop his own paradigm and blaze a unique trail to success. Our mission is to ignite young minds, help them achieve their dreams through hard work, commitment, perseverance and confidence. In addition to setting sterling standards of academic excellence, it is our pursuit to inculcate positive attitude and human values in tender minds through the ageless process of naturalization. Along with solid academic grounding we believe in inculcating crucial life skills and imbibing a strong value system that helps to preserve the sanctity of the socio-cultural ethos of our people.

Here at DIPS, every child is a possibility and by providing conducive environment, we wish to achieve the impossible.


Mrs Mamta Yadav